Armenian Apostolic Church

Service Accesibility

The St. James parish is working hard to make our church accessible to those with special needs. Over the last several years we were able to discover ways to meet the needs of those that are mobility challenged. We welcome your suggestions in areas which we could further improve your worship experience.

We would like to remind our parishioners that a stair lift is available at the side entrance of the church. If assistance is needed, please ask a member of the Parish Council.

Large print Sunday bulletin and other worship materials are available in the sanctuary.

There is one handicapped parking spot in front of the building.  Additionally you can park in the parking spot next to the main staircase. (Note: Signs say “Reserved for pastor only”. Please disregard.)

Additionally, a sacramental visit by our pastor Der Hayr can also be arranged.  If you wish Der Hayr to visit you or a friend or family member, please contact the church office or Der Hayr.