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Taste of Armenia

Taste of Armenia 2020 (Online Event)

Details will be announced soon

Sunday, August 30, 2020  |  12:00 pm – 6:00 pm  |  St. James Armenian Church

About Taste of Armenia

Mr. Steve Erickson, Co-chair
Mrs. Paula Erickson, Co-chair

Throughout the years St James sponsored an annual picnic which was held at Harms Woods. While the picnic was successful, the St. James Parish under the leadership of the Very Rev. Taste of Armenia 2011Varoujan Kabaradjian decided to begin a new chapter by undertaking another summer event. In 1989 the Parish Council of that time had the foresight to initiate the St. James Taste of Armenia Street Fair. Under the direction of Lisa Coloian Groh and Oscar Tatosian, the first Street Fair was held August 27, 1989. At that time only half the street was blocked off and utilized. Following a very successful first year, the Street Fair grew in size and participation over the next few years. Larry Farsakian chaired ten of the next eleven Street Fairs. The event was expanded during that time to encompass the entire street from Benson to Sherman. Throughout those years, Oscar Stepanian built all the tents used for the Street Fair.

Bob Simon and Larry Farsakian co-chaired the event in 2001 & 2002. Tatiana Demirdjian, Emily Rabjohns and Lisa Coloian Groh co-chaired the Street Fair from 2003-2005. The $100 Raffle flourished under their direction. Manushak Shant stepped forward to lead the Street Fair in 2006. Larry Farsakian again directed the event from 2007-2009. In 2010, Vartan Paylan and Isahak Kurtjian co-chaired the event while in 2011 Larry Farsakian once again joined Vartan Paylan & Isahak Kurtjian as Co-Chairs. From 2012 to the present, the event has been co-Chaired by Larry Farsakian and Vartan Paylan.

Whereas all chairmen should be commended and thanked for their leadership of the Street Fair, it is the participation of the parish members that makes the Street Fair what it is today. Without the dedication and support of the many volunteers who work for the Street Fair, our successes over the years would not be as great.

While all cannot be mentioned in this small article, we must single out a few who have dedicated their time for the success of St. James. First and foremost, Mariam Tatosian and Alice Gregorian deserve our praises. Each and every year, they coordinated the preparation and serving of the food. Their dedication has been greatly appreciated. In more recent years, Tatiana Demirdjian has taken over this arduous task. The Women’s Guild, at various times under the direction of Margaret Stepanian, Christine Simon & Hayganus Paylan, has been an invaluable resource. The Women of St. James are second to none in the cooking department. Their food and pastries are always outstanding.

Year after year, Bykar Tatosian has been in charge of the drink tent. Presently, Roupen Demirdjian organizes the preparation of the meat. Ed Koshgarian was in charge of the grilling of the meat until he handed it over to Chuck Barsamian. Ralph and Debbie DerAsadourian and Wendy Farsakian have been present every year to make sure the street and hall are in order.

Since the beginning Sark Tatosian has managed the finances of the Street Fair, and each year he has written a bigger check to the parish as profits have steadily increased. Gary Rejebian has been outstanding as our publicist and cultural tent organizer, and Anna Marie Norehad does whatever job is necessary to ensure success of the event.

Over the past few years, Steve Erikson has been in charge of the street arrangements and set-up, while Lynae Gregorian has kept the children entertained with a variety of games. Currently the children’s games have been organized by the Sunday School students under the direction of Nairy Hagopian. Traditional Armenian music has been provided throughout the years by many Armenian groups. Some who have performed are The Sark Antramian Band, The Hye Vibes, The Flying Hyes, The Karoon Band, and The Mid-East Beat.

As stated previously, while others sacrificed their time, yet were not mentioned, the dedication of each and every committee member, volunteer, donor and parishioner has made the Street Fair the success it is today.

Once again, on the last Sunday in August, St. James Armenian Church will host its Annual Taste of Armenia Street Fair. If you are interested in helping, don’t wait to be asked, volunteer to Fr. Hovhan, Parish Council or any of the co-chairmen.


A portion of the proceeds supports St. James’ outreach programs.