Armenian Apostolic Church

Family Promise

Ms. Kathy Green, Coordinator     (847) 864-6263

St. James is a founding member of Family Promise Northshore, and one of twenty-one churches and synagogues that have partnered to support families in the community that are facing homelessness. Family Promise is dedicated to helping families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless get back on their feet and provide a stable lifestyle for their children. The focus is moving families back to self sufficiency. Family Promise keeps families together, leverages community resources like St. James to provide shelter and meals, provides a day time location at a center in Evanston to help guests look for jobs and find financial support and housing. Family Promise also works to address the root causes of homelessness.

During this difficult economic times, we find many families are facing hardships. Like you or I, they have worked hard to provide for their families, but have fallen on difficult times perhaps caused by job loss, illness, or divorce, and they were eventually unable to pay their bills.

We are proud to participate with this wonderful organization, and while we do not have the facilities at St. James to offer shelter, we partner with other churches and provide meals as needed, as well as, a small amount of financial support annually. Please let Kathy Green or Der Hovhan know if you’d like to participate or support our outreach efforts with Family Promise.