Armenian Apostolic Church


Understanding Membership. My Role at St. James.

Communicant Member

Did you know the Armenian Church has two kinds of members: “communicant” members and “voting” (a.k.a “dues-paid”) members? All men, women, and children baptized in the Armenian Church are communicant members of the Armenian Church- this means they have full access to the sacramental life of the Christian church. After Baptism and Chrismation they thrive in the life of the church through participation in all the rest of the sacraments; namely, Penance, Communion, Holy Orders, Holy Matrimony, and Rites of the Sick. The sacraments guide us in our life-long journey toward Christ.

Voting Member

A voting member is a special kind of communicant member. Through the donation of a nominal annual fee; a voting member gains additional rights and privileges. Specifically, voting members are able to:

  • Participate fully and vote in the Parish Assemblies
  • Hold elected office within parish administration or special committees
  • Enjoy special discounts and courtesies for sacramental services (weddings, baptism, funerals, etc)
  • Enjoy reduced rates for facility rentals
  • Draft and Vote on proposals that influence our parish and the Diocese

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