Armenian Apostolic Church

Steeple repair project

Dear Parishioners,

Our spiritual home is in dire need of your help.  St. James has stood watch over the Armenian Community since 1944. The building has stood as a testament to God since 1889 and has deteriorated to the point that urgent repairs are required.

The brick facade of the steeple is separating from the wall; the mortar has crumbled and the windows are leaking into the vestibule of the church. Significant work is required to restore the structural integrity of the front of the building within and under the steeple.

These repairs need to be under way as soon as possible. Our community has always been protected by the shadow of the Holy Church. This is OUR opportunity to meet the church in her moment of need as she has been there for every one of our life events.

You can donate towards the project by any of these methods:

1) Cash or check, in person at the church any Sunday

3) Via our website

4) Via Paypal