Armenian Apostolic Church

Women’s Guild – Եկեղեցասէր Տիկնաց Միութիւն

Mrs. Hayganus Paylan, Co-chair lady     (847) 533-4071                                                     Mrs. Christine Simon, Co-chair lady     (847) 301-0932

Welcome to St. James Armenian Church! The mission of Women’s Guild is to keep Christian Life and beliefs growing in the Armenian Church and to help our parish, our clergy, and our Parish Council in any way we can.

You can find the Women’s Guild busy with any number of tasks during the year – dinners for different occasions, special events, bake sales, helping the Sunday School, supporting Hye Camp, sponsoring retreats, seminars, and educational talks, visiting the sick/bereaved, and most of all helping Parish Council with our Street Fair- Taste of Armenia Festival.

While we are scheduled to have monthly meetings, it is much more common for us to call meetings periodically based on everyone’s availability. Our Dues are $20 per year.

Please contact the current Women’s Guild co-chair ladies Mrs. Hayganus Paylan at (847) 533-4071 or Mrs. Christine Simon at (847) 301-0932 for more details.